Pregnancy Loss

Dealing With Pregnancy Loss: Making It Through The First Few Weeks

If you've recently experienced miscarriage, spontaneous or selective, it is a pregnancy loss, we'd like to offer you our most heartfelt sympathies. No matter how far along you were in your pregnancy, your baby was real, and connected to you. There are no words that can properly express how sorry we are that you're going through this regardless of the circumstance.

 Pregnancy loss is an especially difficult road to navigate, as your body is likely still experiencing symptoms of pregnancy even though you know your baby has passed away. If you're still experiencing nausea, insomnia, or other symptoms of pregnancy that can be difficult, it can be especially hard to make it through this time.

It's vital to know that you can and should grieve your loss during this time. Your baby was a living human being, and the fact that they passed away before they got to experience the world does not make their death any less of a loss. If you're struggling to find the support that you need, we're here for you. At Saving Our Babies and Family Engagement, we're here to provide you with faith-based support to help you get through this horrific time. We know that you will never forget your baby, and that your grief will last a lifetime. We're here to help you find ways to cope.

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