Never again will there be in it (the new heaven and earth) an infant who lives but a few days  

Isaiah 65:20

Saving Our Babies & Family Engagement is on a mission to help fulfill the prophecy of a new heaven and earth mentioned in the book of Isaiah.  


The United States falls behind many industrialized nations when comparing the number of infants who die before their first birthday. In some cities, the rate of babies dying mimics the rates of infant death in third world countries.


Our vision and mission are to decrease the number of preterm births in St. Louis by providing faith-based services that can reduce the impact of stress. Stress experienced over a lifespan is one of the main causes of preterm births. Babies born at or before 37 weeks gestation are considered preterm or premature. They are at a higher risk of " living only a few days" and of dying before turning one year old. Saving Our Babies & Family Engagement was created to partner with community organizations;  ensuring the celebration of every child’s first birthday and beyond.


We provide faith-based support to parents and their families who are at risk for or who have experienced an adverse birth outcome. We also promote engaging fathers early in the pregnancy journey. Building bridges of success through strong partnerships.

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